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Systems based on IBM POWER™ microprocessors provide industry leading technology proven in systems that range from gaming machines to supercomputers.

IBM POWER7™ processor technology combines with AIX®, IBM i, and Linux operating systems to put system performance, availability and efficiency into a new realm. With ultra high-frequency dual-core processor technology, integrated EnergyScale™ technology and mainframe inspired self-healing features, Power servers can deliver computing power with efficiency like never before.

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IBM Power Systems

IBM Power Systems can enable new data center economics with leadership performance, modular growth and scalability, as well as energy efficiency and rapid service delivery technologies. Choose from a variety of deployment footprints and more than 15,000 AIX [UNIX], IBM i and Linux operating system applications on a platform known for proven resiliency.

IBM Power Blade Express servers

POWER processor-based blade servers provide the same benefits as IBM Power Systems servers in a form factor that can be combined in a BladeCenter chassis with other IBM blade servers for the ultimate in physical space and management efficiencies.

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Introducing new systems, software and solutions for business of all sizes.

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System x & BladeCenter

Innovative, workload-optimized systems built on industry standard technology.

System z mainframes

The new IBM zEnterprise System... the world's fastest and most scalable enterprise system delivering a new dimension in computing.

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