Extreme Cloud Administration Toolkit (xCAT)

Deploy xCAT with confidence

If you rely on xCAT 2 for large-system management and provisioning, you need xCAT support options you can rely on too. IBM Support for xCAT provides technical support for Version 2 of Extreme Cloud Administration Toolkit (xCAT), the open source cluster management tool available from GitHub.

xCAT 2 provides a unified interface for hardware control, discovery and OS deployment, and its scalability can handle the provisioning throughput and management of the largest clusters. IBM Support enhances xCAT 2 value by delivering the technical support you need to confidently manage your large systems.

IBM Support for xCAT gives you the best of both worlds: flexible, open, innovative software plus trusted IBM service and support. IBM Support for xCAT offers two tiers of IBM support:

  • - Features

    IBM Support for xCAT gives you the flexibility to choose from two tiers of IBM support depending on your business needs. Based on your requirements for features such as access methods, technical contacts and targeted response times, you can optimize the value that you are getting from the open source community and IBM.

    The annual renewable support offering is priced per server for each server managed by the program.

    There are two tiers of IBM Support for xCAT that provide support based on your particular needs. Both offerings are delivered via remote support teams—on-site support is not provided. The Enhanced and Elite support tiers offer the following benefits:

    Selected Support Offerings IBM Enhanced Support IBM Elite Support
    Electronic Problem Submission Yes Yes
    Voice Problem Submission Yes Yes
    Number of Electronic or Voice problems Unlimited Unlimited
    Support Hours 8am - 5pm
    8am - 5pm
    (24x7x365 for severity 1)
    Response Target 4 business hours 2 business hours
    Technical contacts 2 Unlimited
    Developer Assistance Incidents Variable Variable
    Availability Worldwide Worldwide
  • - Requirements

    The following requirements apply to IBM Support for xCAT.

    Note: Support for xCAT on x86 servers ends effective December 2, 2014. *System x servers, including Intelligent Cluster, purchased from Lenovo after the divestiture date of 10/1/2014 are not supported as part of this IBM Select Support offering. Existing contracts will be honored to their expiration date. No new orders for x86 should be placed.

    Operating system Software Hardware
    *Below: No longer supported with xCAT 2.9 and above:
    Not supported with xCAT 2.9 and above
    Not supported with xCAT 2.9 and above
    **see specific notes below
    Not supported with xCAT 2.9 and above
    Not supported with xCAT 2.9 and above
    Not supported with xCAT 2.9 and above

    Note: z/VM 6.3 ships xCAT within

    **AIX Notes:

    Refer to the xCAT Web site for additional supported distributions.

  • - Tools and plug-ins

    The following tools and plug-ins are available for use with xCAT. If you have purchased IBM Support for xCAT and have continued entitlement, these plug-ins will be supported as part of the contract agreement: IBM Support for xCAT.

    Plug-in Description

    Note: No longer supported effective xCAT 2.9.

    The plug-ins are available for download from IBM Fix Central Select CLUSTER SOFTWARE from the "Product" drop down menu. At the next drop down menu, select the desired tool(s). TEAL is available from SourceForge.net

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