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High Performance Computing (HPC) Cloud offerings have evolved from the needs of organizations to transform isolated and static IT resources into powerful, shared, remotely managed and easily provisioned IT infrastructures to support the demands of compute-intensive and big data workloads. IBM Technical Computing provides comprehensive HPC cloud solutions compromised of powerful servers, storage, and cloud management capabilities, that makes it easy for you to deploy an efficient, consolidated HPC Cloud infrastructure that meets time variant and evolving business demands — while also delivering the performance that your users demand.

The Challenge

The extraordinary demands that engineering, scientific, financial and research organizations place upon big data analytics and high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure, as well as the difficulties associated with moving large volumes of data, has slowed the adoption of cloud computing in these environments. This has often led to standalone infrastructure deployments. This approach has inhibited collaboration and resource optimizations across departments and workflows. The challenge is to move from inefficient, project-oriented, static environments to a dynamic shared infrastructure.

The Solution

Based on proven cluster, grid, and cloud technologies, HPC cloud solutions from IBM are specifically designed to provide a robust foundation for private, private hosted, or third party public HPC clouds, allowing you to realize improved operational and cost efficiencies, and achieve business goals.

IBM Intelligent Cluster™ is an integrated, optimized high performance system. It is delivered to you pre-integrated, with your choice of servers, internal storage, networking, and management software, backed with a single point of contact. Time and complexity to deploy and manage an HPC cloud are significantly reduced.

IBM® Platform Cluster Manager – Advanced Edition is the flagship HPC Cloud management software from IBM. It enables organizations to quickly and easily consolidate silos of cluster resources into a shared pool creating a high-performance computing (HPC) cloud, and provides a centralized management portal to simplify administration. Platform Cluster Manager provides seamless integration with a broad suite of technical computing software to achieve faster time to deployment and usage of highly optimized technical computing or analytics environments. These products include:

HPC clouds from IBM can be applied in a wide range of industries such as automotive, aerospace and electronics. Companies focused on electronic design, computer-aided engineering, and big data analytics can benefit greatly from a highly optimized cloud environment. IBM HPC Cloud solutions offers two- and three- dimensional accelerators and dynamic provisioning which create a secure, agile cloud-based engineering environment. End users can visualize and manipulate complex models, improve user productivity and accelerate application performance. To learn more about the IBM HPC Cloud software portfolio visit the Platform Computing HPC Cloud website.

To deploy analytics and technical computing workloads on hybrid and secure stand-alone clusters in the cloud, IBM Platform Computing™ Cloud Service running on IBM SoftLayer® infrastructure delivers a versatile cluster in the cloud for organizations that need to quickly and economically add computing capacity. The solution includes market-leading IBM Platform™ LSF® or IBM Platform Symphony workload management software delivered as a service. To learn more visit the Platform Computing Cloud Service website.

HPC cloud services are available from IBM or IBM business partners to help you assess, build, optimize and manage an HPC cloud. As an added bonus, Platform Computing can provide system administrator and user training to help ensure ongoing success.

The Benefits

By applying cloud technologies and standards to established Technical Computing and HPC infrastructures, costly, inflexible silos can be eliminated and shared computing resources can be fully utilized to help you:

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