IBM Engineering Solutions for Cloud

IBM Engineering Solutions for Cloud.

Whether you design mobile devices, airplanes or automobiles, the pressure is on to be the first to create innovative products. Companies need speed, agility, control and visibility across the design life cycle to meet time-to-market requirements and maximize profitability. Deployment of compute and storage resources through a high performance computing cloud will be the key to success over the next decade.

IBM can provide the hardware and software technologies as well as key services to help you take advantage of cloud computing. We’ve seen tremendous business benefits through our own cloud solutions. For example, our Systems and Technology Group chip design work is performed in a cloud environment. This enabled us to cut developer costs and substantially reduce the time needed to complete the design on IBM® POWER7® from 24 to 18 months.

IBM Engineering Solutions for Cloud can provide a blueprint and a foundation to quickly set up and manage highly efficient and secure electronic design automation (EDA) and computer aided design and analysis (CAD/CAE) clouds to streamline engineering processes, reduce costs and design cycle times, and collaborate globally. With accelerated 2D and 3D remote graphics, agile systems, improved workload management, and independent software vendor (ISV) integration, the solutions can help: