IBM Blue Gene/Q

Providing leadership performance for the most demanding ultra-scalable computational science applications


Blue Gene/Q: Supercomputer of choice for analytics and breakthrough science

Our balanced approach to design enables delivery of high performance and energy efficient solutions to support breakthroughs in life sciences, public safety and transportation and many other industries that will make our world smarter.

Blue Gene family of supercomputers delivers ultrascale performance within a standard programming environment while delivering efficiencies in power, cooling and floor-space consumption. Blue Gene's speed and expandability have enabled business and science to address a wide range of complex problems and make more informed decisions. Blue Gene systems have helped map the human genome, investigated medical therapies, safeguarded nuclear arsenals, simulated radioactive decay, replicated brain power, flown airplanes, pinpointed tumors, predicted climate trends, and identified fossil fuels.

New Blue Gene/Q Express – more affordable, same reliable supercomputer

Introducing the Blue Gene/Q Express, a half rack configuration that is ideal for organizations requiring an entry level supercomputing system. The Blue Gene/Q Express allows your data center to capitalize on the performance and energy efficiency of supercomputing with a system that is cost-effective and is easily upgradable as your workload increases. It comes with a personalized IBM research application porting workshop and attractive IBM financing for faster time to value, optimized cash flow, and reduced total cost of ownership.

Breakthrough science today—not tomorrow

Whether your work involves big data analytics, climate modeling, or life sciences research, you have something in common: you work with huge data sets and need massive computing power without breaking the bank on energy costs. With Blue Gene/Q, completing computationally intensive projects for scientific, research and manufacturing applications that were previously unsolvable is not just possible, it is now probable.

The third generation in the Blue Gene family of supercomputers, Blue Gene/Q works at an order of magnitude faster than previous systems, with 16 cores per node and a scalable peak performance up to 100 petaflops—a massive leap forward in parallel computing power. Applicable to a growing set of computationally intensive workloads for analytics and for the scientific research Blue Gene/Q is the ideal platform for highly complex projects in a broad range of technical disciplines.

An array of technical innovations in hardware, software and system design enables Blue Gene/Q users to achieve new levels of performance and energy efficiency while helping to simplify application portability and usability. By providing speed and bandwidth to keep platforms operating at the forefront of technology, Blue Gene/Q can help you accelerate leading-edge science to transform your scientific and analytic agendas.

Feature Benefit
Each rack of Blue Gene/Q with 1,024 16-core compute nodes scales to 209 TFps peak, scalable to 512 racks
Lightweight Compute Node Kernel (CNK) with Linux and POSIX compatibility, plus full Fortran, C, C++ compiler
Engineered with fewer moving parts and redundancy
Integrated and optimized management and monitoring tools
Densely packaged with highly efficient water cooling
IBM System Blue Gene/Q at a glance
System configurations
Processor IBM PowerPC® A2 1.6 GHz, 16 cores per node
Memory 16 GB SDRAM-DDR3 per node (1333 MTps)
Networks 5D Torus — 40 GBps; 2.5 μsec latency
Collective network — part of the 5D Torus; collective logic operations supported
Global Barrier/Interrupt — part of 5D Torus
PCIe x8 Gen2 based I/O
1 GB Control Network — System Boot, Debug, Monitoring
I/O Nodes (10 GbE or InfiniBand) 16-way SMP processor; configurable in 8,16 or 32 I/O nodes per rack
Operating systems Compute nodes — lightweight proprietary kernel
Power Typical 80 kW per rack (estimated) 380-415, 480 VAC 3-phase; maximum 100 kW per rack; 4x60 amp service per rack
Cooling 90% water cooling (18-25°C, maximum 30 GPM); 10% air cooling
Acoustics 7.9 bels
Dimensions Height: 2095 mm
Width: 1219 mm
Depth: 1321 mm
Weight: 4500 lbs with coolant (LLNL 1 IO drawer configuration)
Service clearances: 914 mm on all sides

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Analyst Reports

Blue Gene/Q at University of Warsaw

Blue Gene/Q at Health Sciences Center for Computational Innovation, University of Rochester

University of Rochester, IBM, and New York State(Video, 00:08:05) have partnered to create a new center dedicated to applying high performance computing to solving some of health care's most complex problems.



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