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New Benchmark Results Crown IBM Storage Virtualization the Highest Performing Solution in the World
12 Jul 2007
IBM today announced that its flagship storage virtualization solution has achieved benchmark results through the Storage Performance Council (SPC), demonstrating that it is the highest performing storage virtualization solution in the world today — with speeds over 75 percent above its predecessor.
IBM Triples Performance of World's Fastest, Most Energy-Efficient Supercomputer
26 Jun 2007
IBM today announced Blue Gene/P, the second generation of the world's most powerful supercomputer. Blue Gene/P nearly triples the performance of its predecessor, Blue Gene/L — currently the world's fastest computer — while remaining the most energy-efficient and space-saving computing package ever built.
Sun's Supercomputer Already Eclipsed by IBM's 3-Petaflop Monster
26 Jun 2007
IBM just announced that the latest version of its supercomputer, Blue Gene/P, will clock in with over 1 petaflop of sustained computing power, peaking at a mighty 3 petaflops
IBM Extends Deep Computing on Demand Offering; Adding Flexible Solutions for Space and Energy Constraints
21 June 2007
IBM today expanded its Deep Computing Capacity on Demand (DCCoD) solutions. In a collaboration with Intel, IBM plans to offer the latest Dual-Core and Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processor technology on its System x servers for users who rent compute time at IBM's hosted DCCoD centers.
NASA Selects IBM Supercomputer
06 Jun 2007
NASA entered a four-year contract with IBM to install IBM System p p575+ servers as its next supercomputer.
BusinessWeek: Supercomputing Comes to the Rust Belt
12 Apr 2007
New initiatives are starting to bring the transformative benefits of supercomputer power to small and midsize businesses.
IBM Unveils Initiatives to Propel High-Performance Computing Clusters Into Mid-Market
28 Feb 2007
ARMONK, NY — IBM announced today new initiatives designed to make it easier for clients to use "clusters" of servers for high-performance computing tasks. The company is investing in development, marketing and sales-channel programs that leverage IBM's technology prowess in high-end supercomputing and deep experience delivering industry-focused solutions.
IBM Launches Industry's First Drive-Based Tape Encryption Solution for Midsized Businesses
13 Feb 2007
ARMONK, NY — IBM today announced the world's first tape library solution offering enterprise-class tape drive-based encryption capabilities at an affordable price point for midrange corporations and enterprise workgroups.
NOAA & supercomputers
31 Jan 2007
NOAA activates newest climate and weather supercomputers
IBM Selected to Build New Supercomputer of the Max Planck Society
31 Jan 2007
ARMONK, NY — IBM POWER6 Technology Will Bring to Bear over 100 Teraflops of Computing Power to Grand Challenges in Fundamental Scientific Research.
Made in IBM Labs: New IBM Service Helps Put More 'Eyes' on Data
23 Jan 2007
ORLANDO, FL — Frequently business users need to analyze complex data. Visualization is well suited to this task but traditionally, it has been carried out in isolation. Many Eyes supports collaborative analysis around the visualizations of data. By drawing on the insight and expertise of users all across the Internet, Many Eyes can provide broader and deeper analyses of data.
IBM to Build World's First Cell Broadband Engine Based Supercomputer
06 Sept 2006
WASHINGTON, DC — The U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has selected IBM to design and build the world's first supercomputer to harness the immense power of the Cell Broadband Engine™ (Cell B.E.) processor aiming to produce a machine capable of a sustained speed of up to 1,000 trillion calculations per second, or one petaflop.

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