ISC14 - Rethink High Performance Computing

IBM Showcases Technical Computing Offerings
June 22-26 2014, Leipzig, Germany

Step Up. Scale Out. Burst to the Cloud.

Visit IBM at ISC'14 to learn about the newest developments, market trends and speak directly onsite with our Technical Computing and High Performance Computing (HPC) experts. This year already brought many important announcements like the planned sale of the IBM System x business to Lenovo and collaboration with industry partners and customers in the Open POWER Foundation. IBM will also share future HPC, big data & analytics solution directions. Likewise we will provide interesting insights and outlooks to specific product topics like the newest IBM Power Systems based on Power8 technology, IBM NeXtScale System, IBM GPFS Storage Server, IBM X6 Servers with Flash technolgy, the integration of Platform Computing and IBM's Softlayer Cloud and the newly announced IBM Elastic Storage based on IBM GPFS to create software defined environments.

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We're looking forward to helping you drive innovation and flexibility in your organization.

IBM Speaking Sessions

Monday, June 23

14:41 – 14:53: ISC Vendor Showdown
Speaker: Chris Maher (IBM)
Location: Hall 1: CCL

Tuesday, June 24

8:30 – 8:45: From PC to HPC: Hear directly from IBM, Lenovo, partners & customers about the transition of System x HPC to Lenovo
Panel: Adalio Sanchez (IBM), Chris Maher (IBM), Arndt Bode (LRZ), Oliver Kill (Pro-Com), Mateo Valero (BSC), Darrel Ward (Lenovo), Addison Snell (Intersect360)
Location: Hall 1: CCL

9:30 – 10:00: Future Supercomputing Directions. A Vision for Data Centric Systems
Speaker: Burkhard Steinmacher-Burow (IBM)
Location: Hall 1: CCL

10:40 – 11:00: Exhibitor Forum 01 - To Burst or Not to Burst – that is the Question
Speaker: Terry Fischer (IBM)
Location: Exhibition Hall #660

12:30 – 13:00: HPC in Life Sciences - Multiscale Systems Biology: Big Data Challenges in Supercomputing Enabling Translational Medicine in Cardiology
Speaker: Matthias Reumann (IBM)
Location: Hall 1: CCL

14:15 – 14: 45: OpenPOWER Foundation – learn what it is and how it can help you
Speaker: Jeff Brown & Don Grice (IBM)
Location: Hall 2: CCL

Wednesday, June 25

10:00 – 10:20: Big Data Analytics in Public & Private Clouds, industry examples
Speaker: Oliver Oberst (IBM)
Location: Hall 2: CCL

15:15 - 15:45: Rebasing I/O for Scientific Computing: Leveraging Storage Class Memory in an IBM BlueGene/Q Supercomputer
Speaker: Felix Schurmann (EPFL & Blue Brain Project), Alessandro Curioni (IBM)
Location: Hall 3: CCL

Thursday, June 26

10:00 - 10:30: A Case Study of Energy Aware Scheduling on SuperMUC
Speaker: Axel Auweter (LRZ), Luigi Brochard (IBM)
Location: Hall 5, CCL

13:00 – 13:45: Analyst Crossfire, closing session
Speaker: Adalio Sanchez (IBM), Addison Snell (Intersect360 Research), and other vendors
Location: Hall 1: CCL

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