Discover Technical Computing

  • Technical Computing for a new Era

    Technical Computing for a new Era

    Analyst firm Intersect360 Research discusses technical computing as a technology that is fast becoming a critical capability for increasing a company’s competitive position in the marketplace.

  • Infiniti Red Bull Racing

    Infiniti Red Bull Racing

    Infiniti Red Bull Racing is using IBM Platform LSF to power its high performance computing infrastructure for both design applications and near real-time race analytics, giving the racing team the edge it needs to design and run the best cars on the track.

  • Learn more about Technical Computing

    Learn more about Technical Computing

    Realize faster time to value with IBM Technical Computing — intuitive and powerful systems and pre-integrated solutions for compute-intensive and big data application acceleration.

  • IBM Platform Symphony

    CME Group

    CME Group is using IBM Platform Symphony to power its SPAN portfolio risk analytics to comply with new Dodd-Frank based reporting requirements, enabling the firm to analyze hundreds of thousands of portfolios in a matter of minutes.

Discover what Technical Computing can do for you. There is a growing and efficient data management in today's highly competitive landscape. 10% prospecting success rate within the oil and gas industry means... 90% of drilling yields nothing1. 5 million trade events take place each day in the stock market2. Only 9% of drugs make it past the trial phase3. However, those produces using advanced Technical Computing are 2x as likely to receive approval3. All togheter, we're creating up tp 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day... and 90% of all the world's data has been created in just the past two years4. You're surrounded by data, but are you getting the most from it? At many organizations 99% of the data is not utilized5. What's more, those that are attempting to deal with this explosion aren't necessarily dealing with it efficiently. Only 21% of organizations are operating at their highest level6. Only 41% of organizations will have implemented cloud computing by 20147. So what's the solution? With IBM Technical Computing, you'll be able to: Accelerate speed to market: Traditional Unilever rinse conditioner stability tests, on the bench, take 8 to 12 weeks. Doing the analogue test on the computer takes about 45 minutes8. Increase your performance while reducing costs: The Chicaco Mercantile Exchange can now analyze 700x more portfolios in minutes rather than hours9. Cut costs and gain power: IBM helped the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre save $1.2 million annualy in energy costs while delivering 50x more computing power10. To see how your organization can increase its data efficiency and be ready for what's next how with IBM Technical Computing, download the white paper or visit Download the white paper, "Technical Computing for a New Era". IBM®. Let's Build a Smarter Planet.
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