Unbelievable capacity in low cost media

Up to 60 petabytes of inexpensive storage in a single library.

With ever increasing regulatory pressure to comply with Federal mandates for medical, legal, e-mail, financial and government data, storage requirements are exploding. Keeping all this data available on disk could be a very expensive solution in terms of both hardware purchases and the cost of power, cooling and physical space. Storing the data on disk may not be necessary because a very large percentage of “inactive” data can be stored in a more cost-effective medium, such as tape.

The IBM TS3500 Tape Library can automate tape management for large workloads to take full advantage of tape capabilities in data mobility, cost, scalability, “green” energy efficiencies, media life and protection from network attacks.

A TS3500 Tape Library with High Density frames can store over 30 petabytes (PB) of uncompressed data or 60 PB at 2:1 compression, while a large disk system would store just 2 PB. This is at least 15 times more raw capacity than a disk system and even more usable capacity.

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