IBM TS3500 Tape Library

A highly scalable, automated tape solution addresses data protection and long-term retention

 IBM TS3500 tape library
Key optional features Benefits
Shuttle connector
Dual robotic accessor
Advanced library management system
Capacity on demand
Control-path and data-path automatic failover
Products enabling TS3500 to store System z data Benefits
IBM TS7700
3592 Tape Controller for System z
Key standard features of TS3500 Benefits
Flexible upgrades designed to minimize time offline
Remote, web browser-based management
Redundant power supplies and AC feeds
Simultaneously manages both LTO Ultrium and IBM Enterprise tape cartridges
 IBM Tape System Library Manager Software for TS3500
Features Benefits
Simplified drive path management
IBM 3494 tape library emulation
Manage up to 15 interconnected TS3500 libraries
Security features