IBM System Storage TS3100 Tape Library Express Model

Entry-level LTO tape library designed to provide reliable, high-capacity, high-performance tape backup

Feature Benefits
LTO Ultrium 6, 5 or 4 tape drive
Sequential or random-access mode with a standard bar code reader
2U form factor with 24 data cartridge slots
Remote library management through a web interface
LTO Ultrium 6 data capacities up to 150 with 2.5:1 compression (up to 60 TB native)
LTO Ultrium 5 data capacities up to 72 with 2:1 compression (up to 36 TB native)
LTO Ultrium 4 data capacities up to 38.4 with 2:1 compression (up to 19.2 TB native)
LTO Ultrium 6 native data rate of 160 MBps
LTO Ultrium 5 native data rate of 140 MBps
LTO Ultrium 4 native data rate of 120 MBps

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