TS2340 Tape Drive Express Model

Fourth generation, Linear Tape-Open Tape Drive designed for the midrange open systems environment

The IBM System Storage TS2340 Tape Drive is the entry point to IBM’s entry to midrange external tape drives incorporating the IBM LTO 4 tape storage technology. The TS2340 offers:

TS2340 Tape Drive build your own offerings
Build-your-own offerings allow you to configure a system that meets your needs. Simply choose a model and then add options.
3580-L43 IBM System Storage TS2340 Tape Drive Model L43 with SCSI Ultra 160 LVD interface

TS2340 Tape Drive single entity offerings
Single entity offerings are generally for customers purchasing in bulk. Any accessories and options ordered with or for a single entity offering system will be packaged separately and will not be installed.
Model Specifications
3580L4X TS2340 model L43
Basic IBM TS2340 Ultrium LTO 4 Tape Drive with LVD Ultra160 SCSI attachment interface

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