TS1120 Tape Drive

Designed to support Business Continuity and Information Lifecycle Management

Recording technique Linear Serpentine
Number of tracks 896
Native capacity 700 GB (using JB/JX media), 3003/500 GB (using JA/JW media) or 60 3/100 GB (using JJ/JR media)
Adaptive data rates 104, 85, 70, 55, 41 and 35 MBps for 3592 cartridges initialized in Gen 2 format
54, 41, 36, 31 and 27 MBps for 3592 cartridges initialized in Gen 1 format
Burst data rate 400 MBps
High-speed search 10 mps
Warranty One year
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 95 mm H x 198 mm W x 467 mm D (3.8 in x 7.8 in x 18.4 in)
Weight 5.7 kg (12 lbs 7 oz)
Operating environment
Temperature with media 16° to 32 °C (60° to 90 °F)
Relative humidity 20% to 80% non-condensing (limited by media)
Wet bulb maximum 26 °C (78.8 °F)
Heat output 307 BTU/hr
Power requirements 50 Watts
 Platform Support
Platform Operating System
IBM System p IBM AIX® and SUSE Enterprise Server
System i IBM i5/OS® 1 and IBM OS/400® 1
System x See open system support
System z IBM z/OS®, IBM z/VM®, IBM VSE/ESA™ and SUSE Enterprise Server
Open Systems Hewlett-Packard HP-UX
Sun Microsystems Solaris
Servers with Intel® or AMD processors SUSE Linux®
Red Hat
Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Windows NT®, Windows Server® 2003
Encryption support z/OS, z/VM, i5/OS, AIX, HP, Sun, Linux and Windows

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