TS1120 Tape Drive

Designed to support Business Continuity and Information Lifecycle Management

Controller highlights

The IBM System Storage® TS1120 Tape Controller is designed to offer ESCON® and FICON® attachment of either IBM System Storage TS1120 or TotalStorage 3592 J1A Tape Drives in an IBM System Storage TS3400, TS35000 or TotalStorage 3494 Tape Library, IBM TotalStoage 3592 ModelC20 frame or standalone rack or frame. To support drives in a 3494 tape library and 3592 C20 frames, the TS1120 tape controller must reside in an IBM 3952 Tape Frame Model F05.

Tape drives can be shared by FICON and ESCON hosts which may help reduce hardware and infrastructure requirements. The TS1120 tape controller also offers the ability to perform non-disruptive addition of tape drives which helps enhance configuration flexibility and availability.

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