IBM Spectrum Archive

Allows users and applications direct access to files and directories stored on tape

IBM Spectrum Archive trial VM

This Trial VM offers pre-configured IBM Spectrum Archive instance in a virtual machine based on IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition 1.2 GA version fully functional for demonstrations, hands-on training, functional testing, and data management planning. This download can be deployed in minutes using VirtualBox and you can try it out on your laptop, desktop or server - no need for tape hardware.

This virtual machine for non-production environments has the following features:

  • Policy-based data management utilizing multiple storage pools (flash, disk, and tape)
  • Based on award-winning LTFS technology
  • Preinstalled with IBM Spectrum Scale 4.2 protocol node, GUI, and unified file and object access

Ready-to-use Virtual Appliance for Hands-on Spectrum Archive Evaluation

Use IBM Spectrum Archive Forum to ask questions and to give your feedback

Date Type Description Download
5 Feb 2016 Evaluation IBM Spectrum Archive Trial VM GA 1.2 Download

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