External tape enclosures

IBM 7226 Multimedia Storage Device Enclosure

The IBM System Storage 7226 Storage Device Enclosure features the latest storage technology options in tape, DVD-RAM optical and removable hard drives. The 7226 Storage Enclosure is a low profile design that is an excellent choice for mounting in your IBM Power Systems™ 19" rack. The 7226 can hold up to two tape or removable hard drives or up to four DVDRAM drives.


Two Half-Height

Form Factor

1U Rack-Mount


SAS (Serial Attach SCSI) or Fiber Channel or USB

IBM System Storage 7216 Multi-Media Storage Enclosure

The IBM System Storage 7216 Multi Media Storage Enclosure features the latest technology options in tape drives, DVD optical drives and RDX disk drives. The 7216 Multi Media Storage Enclosure is a low-profile design that can be configured with up to four storage devices and mounted in 1U space in a 19-inch rack.

Typical compression

2:1 for tape drives; 2:1 for RDX disk drives; 3:1 for DVD optical drives


Up to 6 Gbps SAS

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