IBM 7216 Multimedia Storage Enclosure

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Data protection is important in the data center. If you have rack-mount servers and need a reliable enclosure for data backup options, the IBM 7216 Multimedia Storage Enclosure offers the flexibility and features you need. With high-speed serial attached SCSI (SAS) and USB interface options, as well as compatibility with a range of storage devices, the 7216 enclosure can help protect the data on critical IBM Power Systems™.

The 7216 is a rack-mounted enclosure that features two drive bays that can hold one or two tape drives, one or two RDX removable disk drives and up to four slim design DVD-RAM drives. These drives may be mixed in any combination in a single 7216 storage enclosure.

For connection of the 7216 enclosure to IBM® POWER7® systems: SAS drive features require the PCI-X DDR Dual-x4 SAS Adapter (Feature #s 5278, 5900, 5901and 5912). Up to two 7216 enclosures may be attached to this adapter. USB drive features may attach to standard USB ports on the system, or to the 4-port USB Adapter (Feature #2728). Each 7216 SAS device may be attached individually to a server host bus adapter (HBA) port, or the Quad External SAS Cable (Feature #5544) allows up to four SAS drives to attach to a single HBA port.

IBM POWER6® servers require the PCI-X DDR Dual SAS Adapter (Feature #s 5900, 5901, and 5912). IBM POWER® blade servers require the 3 GB SAS Expansion Adapter (Feature #8246) and attaches to 7216 through an IBM POWER BladeCenter®.

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