IBM 7216 Multimedia Storage Enclosure

Consolidate to save and restore storage devices

7216 Multimedia Storage Device Enclosure

Low-profile, entry-level IBM tape, DVD and RDX removable storage device enclosure supported in IBM® Power Systems™ and open system platforms

The IBM 7216 Multimedia Storage Enclosure Model 1U2 (7216-1U2) offers tape, optical and removable disk drive storage in a single enclosure for Power Systems. The 7216 is designed to mount in one EIA unit of a standard Power System 19-inch rack. The 7216 may be configured with the following drives:

The 7216 Model 1U2 is designed to attach to most models of Power Systems through SAS or USB adapters.

7216 Storage Enclosure offerings
Model Solution description
7216-1U2 Storage Device Enclosure Dual bay 1U Rack mount for SAS and USB
Removable Storage
Description List Price Specifications
7216 Enclosure $1,300 7216-1U2 Multimedia Enclosure
DAT160 SAS tape drive

DAT160 USB tape drive

Feature # 5619

Feature # EU16
HHLTO5 SAS tape drive

DVD-RAM Sled with one drive

Single DVD-RAM drive*

$ 450

$ 150
Feature # 8247

Feature # 1420

Feature # 1422
RDX docking station **

- 160 GB RDX removable disk drive

- 500 GB RDX removable disk drive

- 1 TB RDX removable disk drive



Feature # 1103

Feature # 1106

Feature # 1107

Feature # EU01
DAT160 data cartridge

LTO Ultrium 5 data cartridge

Feature # 2516

Feature # 8501
QUAD CABLE $180 Feature # 5544

Must include at least one of the above drive features with each 7216 Enclosure order.

* DVD-RAM Sled (Feature #1420) is a prerequisite for installing a single DVD-RAM drive (Feature #1422).

** Order for 7216 RDX Docking Station feature must include at least one RDX disk drive feature.

Required cables, one data cartridge, and a cleaning cartridge included with each tape drive feature.

DAT160 and LTO Ultrium data cartridges may also be ordered by calling 1-888-IBM-MEDIA

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