Monitoring, analytics and performance management for data and storage infrastructures

IBM® Spectrum Control™ is an integrated data and storage management solution that consolidates management for multiple storage systems. It can significantly reduce storage costs by improving consistency and control for tasks such as storage tier optimization, capacity planning and performance management. IBM Spectrum Control solutions can be deployed on premises or from the IBM cloud, with a range of license plan options.

IBM Spectrum Control provides the following data and storage management capabilities:

  • Storage monitoring — including storage systems, ports, switches, SAN fabric and other devices.
  • Storage automation — including provisioning, complex event processing and copy services management. Available only in Standard and Advanced Editions.
  • Advanced analytics — including storage tier optimization, load balancing and capacity planning.
  • Flexible deployment options — Choose from cloud and on-premises license plans.

Storage monitoring

  • See storage as others see it: Application, department, server and site views of your storage environment.
  • Monitor all types of storage from a single control point: Flash, SAN, software defined, file, object and server storage
  • Monitor the whole storage environment: Storage systems, ports, switches, SAN fabric and other devices.

Storage automation

  • Simplify storage provisioning: Automation supports multiple administration interfaces and APIs.
  • Event processing: Enables automated responses to common alerts and faster root cause analysis.
  • Copy services management: Simplify data replication tasks without scripts.

Advanced analytics

  • Tiered storage optimization: IBM analytics replaces guesswork for keeping data on the right storage tier.
  • Load balancing: Within storage tiers.
  • Capacity planning: To predict future capacity needs.

Flexible deployment options

  • Cloud-based or on-premises: IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights enables monitoring and analytics from IBM’s secure, ISO 27001-certified cloud, with a simplified subscription service.
  • Standard and Advanced Editions: Advanced editions include tiered storage analytics, service catalog for provisioning, self-service provisioning, chargeback and snapshot management.
  • Capacity and per enclosure options: IBM Spectrum Control Select Editions are licensed per enclosure.
  • IBM Virtual Storage Center combines IBM Spectrum Control Advanced Edition and IBM Spectrum Virtualize to create a high value solution for virtualized block storage. License options include Enterprise, Entry and Storwize per enclosure models.
  • IBM Spectrum Storage Suite offers a simplified capacity license model and unlimited substitution for IBM software defined storage offerings: IBM Spectrum Control, IBM Spectrum Virtualize, IBM Spectrum Accelerate, IBM Spectrum Scale, IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Archive.