IBM Spectrum Accelerate

Ultra-flexible software defined block storage deployed fast, anywhere

Why IBM Spectrum Accelerate

IBM Spectrum Accelerate™ is an ultra-flexible software-defined block storage solution designed for rapid hybrid cloud deployment across heterogeneous infrastructure in minutes instead of days. Based on proven enterprise-class IBM XIV® technology, in use on more than 100,000 servers worldwide, IBM Spectrum Accelerate delivers consistent service levels to a diverse workload mix, management scaling to almost 70 PB usable, and a rich cloud-optimal features set that includes advanced mirroring, multi-tenancy, and quality of service. It helps protect your investment through perpetual, unattached licensing including across the IBM Spectrum Storage Suite. See it for yourself:

Use IBM Spectrum Accelerate to build a simply managed cloud environment flexibly tailored to need: Deploy on any x86 server, pre-installed third party appliances or IBM SoftLayer® infrastructure, license it for use on IBM FlashSystem A9000/A9000R or IBM XIV Storage System, or get it as a service on SoftLayer. Make IBM Spectrum Accelerate your ticket to a speedy path to greater business responsiveness and cloud economics.

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