Storage for technical computing

Powerful solutions for big data and compute intensive environments

Why IBM HPC Storage for technical computing

Organizations in industries such as life science, research, engineering, financial services, analytics, or digital media, need a high-performance and efficient IT infrastructure to perform modeling, simulations, or analytical tasks. IBM HPC Storage for technical computing is designed and optimized for workloads demanding large-scalability, high density and high performance

Penn State slashes backup time by 80 percent. Swaps hard disks for IBM FlashSystem and GPFS. Read the case study (944KB)

High performance storage for technical computing

IBM System Storage DCS3860: new high-density, high-performance storage, delivering up to 3x faster performance and improved scalability over prior generation.

IBM System Storage DCS3700: Maximizes performance, scalability and storage density while helping to lower operational costs.

IBM System Storage DS3500: Offers excellent price/performance and scalability.

IBM Storwize V3700: Brings IBM Easy Tier® technology to an entry system for up to 3 times higher performance with flash drives.

IBM FlashSystem: Accelerates critical applications and delivers responses in microseconds.

System x GPFS Storage Server: Reduces high-end storage costs and scales near-linearly with breakthrough "controller-less" HPC storage. Performance and capacity increases as multiple building blocks are added. Provides extreme data integrity and reduced latency with rapid and non-disruptive disk re-builds.

IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS): Manages and stores massive amounts of file data with storage designed to scale out to billions of active files in a single namespace. Gateway for DCS3700 supports affordable performance and flexibility.

Data protection and storage management for technical computing

IBM General Parallel File System™

GPFS is the most widely used commercial parallel file system for online storage management, scalable data access and integrated information lifecycle management. Capable of managing petabytes of data and billions of files without disrupting applications.

IBM Linear Tape File System

LTFS sets the standard for ease of use and portability of open systems tape storage. The new Enterprise Edition enables efficient management and performance of tape as 2nd tier storage, lowering storage acquistion costs up to 90 percent¹

IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library

Highly-scalable, automated tape library for systems backup and archive that can scale from midsize to large enterprise environments.

What’s new?

Standard features for IBM DS3500 and DCS3700 storage

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