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"As product development evolves into a shared global engineering enterprise activity, ANSYS customers need scalable simulation data management and storage strategies. IBM's innovative storage solutions, including the new Active Cloud Engine capability in Storwize V7000 and SONAS, will allow our customers to easily and rapidly access any file from any location by leveraging the solution's shared global namespace, multi-site global caching support, and robust scalable architecture. Facilitating easier access to data while eliminating “data islands” will improve collaboration, innovation and productivity for engineering enterprises."


Barbara Hutchings
Director of Strategic Partnerships


"It is now easier than ever for SharePoint administrators to manage their data growth. IBM Spectrum Scale has exceptional storage monitoring tools with a new user interface that complements AvePoint's unique capabilities to monitor and manage SharePoint data. With the ability to include both file and object storage using IBM Spectrum Scale and AvePoint DocAve, any Windows administrator can scale up their SharePoint environment with confidence."


John Hodges
VP of Product Strategy, AvePoint

"With AvePoint, IBM delivers better data economics for Microsoft SharePoint users. Our joint clients can leverage AvePoint DocAve with IBM Storwize V7000 Unified to improve data management in their SharePoint environments and dramatically lower costs. This is achieved through a combination of automated tiering, Real-time Compression and DocAve's management of SharePoint data to reduce footprint of SAN storage requirements. Recent enhancements to Real-time Compression will drive higher value and cost savings by enabling clients to store more data in up to 80% less space."


John Hodges
VP of Product Management


"Extreme desktop performance that scales to thousands of users without the deployment risks -- that's what your Citrix or VMware VDI deployment can get by leveraging Atlantis ILIO software with IBM FlashSystem. Our benchmark testing shows you can achieve 14x better disk performance than a PC, microsecond latency and a 75% lower cost per desktop."


Seth Knox
Vice President of Products

Callatay & Wouters

"Our clients are requesting very high level of security, due to regulatory requirements for banks. With increased data encryption mechanisms of IBM’s new DS8870 disk system and integrated security features of the POWER7+ banks can rely on IBM enterprise systems to run Thaler, our core banking application, which is a critical part of their IT system."


Mr Renaud Winand
Head of Software House Callatay & Wouters, part of Sopra Banking Software.


“Citrix and IBM are collaborating to help organizations improve data economics with the efficiency and scalability of Citrix ShareFile and IBM storage offerings. We applaud IBM on their recent IBM Spectrum Scale enhancements that focus on data management at scale with improved ease of use for unified file and object storage. Our enterprise file sync and share customers will benefit from this secure and scalable software-defined storage offering from IBM, which offers an on-premises or cloud-based solution for flexibility to work in a variety of ways.”


Chanel Chambers
Director of Product Marketing

destiny. Business & Technology Consulting. Education Solutions.

"Destiny partners with IBM and SAS to design and implement the best performing and most reliable analytics infrastructure solution for our clients. This includes big data and in-database analytics, along with platform grid processing. SAS processing is inherently I/O intensive, and often I/O bound if the storage structure is not engineered and configured properly. IBM storage is an ideal platform for SAS grid. We can implement the right storage infrastructure for SAS processing with premier IBM enterprise storage - XIV, DS8000, FlashSystem - to give our clients the high performance and throughput they need even when dealing with massive amounts of data. Bank of America had SAS jobs running over 90 hours. They changed their storage architecture to IBM XIV, which brought processing down to under three hours."


Dana Rafiee
U.S. Managing Director

Finacle, Infosys Ltd.

"Infosys Finacle helps banks transform their business models faster, to make banking more relevant, personal, engaging, and simple. Banking workloads, delivery channels and transaction volumes are increasing, requiring higher data processing capacity, high data security, enhanced reliability and availability which clients come to expect from their banking systems.
Based on recent validation, Finacle is convinced that the combination of IBM POWER8 servers and FlashSystem 840 storage provides our clients with one of the best infrastructure for delivering high performance and low latency with cost benefits over traditional storage. Early results suggest that this combination would be able to meet clients' overall performance expectations."


Deepak Hoshing
Vice President – Head of Architecture

FIS Global

"Using IBM Storage and Power Systems servers, we are able to scale our FIS IST / Switch application far beyond previous limits and meet the demanding requirements of our financial services clients. Two benchmarks were performed; one using the IBM FlashSystem and a second using the IBM DS8800 with SSDs. During both tests, we processed over 10,000 transactions per second for over 30 minutes with zero errors, representing a 3.6 times increase in transactions per second over previous tests. These results take payment processing to a new level of performance for our clients."


Andy Roe
FIS Director Strategic Development

"As the world’s largest provider of banking and payments technology, FIS is excited about the anticipated capabilities and performance of the combination of IBM POWER8 and IBM FlashSystems technology. We expect higher utilization and performance capabilities along with the flexible computing resources needed to meet our client’s application processing and business delivery requirements. POWER8’s secure-key cryptographic accelerator and cryptographic coprocessor functions combined with FlashSystems’ enterprise ready extreme performance and application latency reductions capability provides an infrastructure that is critical to the success of today’s core banking application environments."


MaryEllen Adam
Large Financial Institutions Product Management

GE Healthcare

"GE Healthcare's Centricity™ Clinical Archive solution1 delivers a proven and scalable vendor neutral archive solution that unifies patient images and documents across the care continuum, helping organizations improve collaboration and save time by making data accessible to clinicians, specialists and other members of the care team. When partnered with the IBM Storwize V7000 Unified, this solution provides storage performance and capacity for medical imaging environments of all sizes and is able to accommodate organizations that routinely process millions of studies per year. The Storwize system’s compatibility and interoperability with different authentication methods, supporting the use of multiple authentication tools within the same enterprise, also helps to deliver secure, robust and intelligent IT information solutions."


Michael Jackman
Senior Vice President, Specialty Solutions

Imagine Communications

"Imagine Communications is a global leader in video management and distribution. We are partnering with IBM around our Cloud DVR solution, which features exceptional storage offerings for our joint customers. IBM Elastic Storage Server and IBM Spectrum Scale deliver a very robust, high-performing and highly scalable storage platform that allows us to deliver the capacity and throughput needed to handle all of the stringent demands of a Cloud DVR solution and support millions of subscribers."


Fred Bonner
VP Business Development

InMage Systems

"The real-time compression features of the IBM Flex System V7000 Storage Node and IBM Storwize V7000 allows MSPs leveraging InMage ScoutCloud to save 30 percent storage while providing the same or better performance levels to customers."


Kumar Malavalli
Co-founder & CEO

Jack Henry

"Jack Henry's banking and credit union clients require the highest levels of performance, resilience and capacity. With announcements of new IBM Power Systems and Storage portfolios, IBM continues to deliver on the promise of Smarter Computing. Significant system advances will enable our customers to provide the highest qualities of service, highest scale and superior efficiency for their most critical information and business processes."


Mark Forbis
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer


"In STAC-M3 benchmark tests – considered the gold standard for measuring speed managing market data for capital markets systems – the combination of IBM Power System S824 server and FlashSystem 840 and McObject’s eXtremeDB Financial Edition database management system (DBMS) shattered records, generating best-ever results in nine of the STAC-M3’s 17 tests. The fiber channel-attached FlashSystem 840 played a critical role in achieving these results, providing dozens of terabytes of low-latency flash RAID-protected storage, in support of a highly distributed data design (the eXtremeDB Financial Edition database was partitioned horizontally across 72 shards). The track records of the McObject and IBM technology, along with their record-setting performance in the STAC-M3 Benchmark, recommend their use together in financial systems ranging from trading and order execution to algorithmic back-testing of data, real-time risk analytics and reporting, and correlation of trading and exposure across multiple asset classes and trading venues."


Chris Mureen
Chief Operating Officer


"We are pleased that IBM is committed to supporting the latest Microsoft platforms with their storage systems, including the capabilities in Windows Server 2012 R2, to help our customers deploy solutions that will drive efficiencies and business results."


Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President


“Together Milestone XProtect Corporate software in combination with IBM Smarter Storage solutions deliver premier, high-performance video surveillance solutions. IBM Storwize family along with the easy archiving capability of IBM Linear Tape File System have been optimized for Milestone's video surveillance deployments. These products will help enable a more efficient, adaptive storage infrastructure for our customers that are deploying physical security solutions.”


Christian Bohn
Vice President, Alliance and Corporate Marketing


"IBM’s FlashSystem storage provided a fast and consistent platform that enabled our PI Server 2014 software to scale to levels never before achieved. In a recent test, we processed 70 million data streams representing a 4.7x increase over previous tests."


Alton Loe


"Secure, scalable file sync and share is easier and more secure when using ownCloud and IBM Spectrum Scale. Enhancements in IBM Spectrum Scale makes scaling, securing and protecting user files and the underlying object storage easier than ever. The joint solution provides an extensible, cost effective way for all enterprises to collaborate."


Matt Richards
VP of Products & Markets, ownCloud

"As organizations increasingly build on-premises, private clouds, IBM’s enhancements to their Elastic Storage offerings provide an ideal data infrastructure for ownCloud’s enterprise file sync and share (EFSS). A deployment of ownCloud Enterprise Edition requires an underlying storage platform such as IBM’s Elastic Storage that is highly extensible and creates a reliable service for high availability. Elastic Storage removes data-related bottlenecks by providing parallel access to data, eliminating single filer choke points or hot spots and also simplifies data management at scale. We are excited to partner with IBM as they continue to leverage innovative technologies and software defined storage capabilities to enable faster information delivery, increased efficiency and scalable performance for cloud environments."


Markus Rex
CEO and Founder, ownCloud

perceptive software from Lexmark

"VNA is an essential component of a healthcare IT strategy, and infrastructure matters for a successful deployment. Perceptive Acuo VNA along with IBM storage delivers an exceptional solution that enables healthcare providers to maximize access to data and reduce costs resulting in improved care. IBM Storwize V7000 Unified is a robust, high performance storage system that can readily scale to support rapidly growing medical imaging data. The built-in efficiencies help boost productivity and control costs for our joint customers. We know when we partner with IBM, together we will deliver higher value for our customers."


Barry Gutwillig
Director Healthcare Channel Management

riverbed. Think fast.

"Riverbed and IBM customers are reducing IT complexity, improving security, simplifying backup, and managing growth, all without missing a beat. Riverbed SteelFusion storage delivery combined with IBM Storwize family and IBM XIV storage systems can uniquely drive the consolidation of branch office resources to a centralized data center, improving efficiency for clients."


John Martin, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Storage Delivery

SAP. Think fast.

"SAP and IBM have maintained an extremely close and collaborative relationship for over 40 years. With years of hands-on experience and unparalleled knowledge of SAP applications and industry processes, IBM is very well positioned to help our joint clients optimize storage for SAP applications, including SAP HANA TDI, to achieve competitive advantage. SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) provides an open and flexible approach to serve customer needs regarding the integration of SAP HANA in the data center. To help improve data economics, IBM offers customers a choice in robust, highly efficient storage systems that have been certified for SAP HANA TDI, including DS8000, XIV, Storwize family and FlashSystem."


Kyle Garman
Global VP & GM, IBM Partnership

Siemens Healthcare

"Siemens Healthcare is excited about the new IBM Smarter Storage solution announcements – announcing new solutions that will enable fast information delivery and enhanced security, with built-in efficiencies. Our enterprise customers rely on robust solutions to handle expanding business volumes with excellent performance and a high degree of security. We expect IBM storage systems like the new DS8870 and enhanced XIV Gen3 will continue to fit the bill."


Luis Castillo, Senior Vice President, Health Services Sales Management


"We are leveraging POWER8 to analyze large Cloud Security and Industrial Internet data sets, build automated Cognitive models, find threats and automatically research potential vulnerabilities via Natural Language Processing and other Machine Learning techniques. IBM Power Systems and IBM Flash boost performance while reducing complexity, power consumption, and cost for our big data solutions."


Amir Husain
Founder & CEO


"Symantec and IBM maintain a continuous collaboration process to ensure solution validation and interoperability. Enabling space reclamation for the IBM System Storage DS8000 in conjunction with Veritas Storage Foundation means a boost in storage efficiency for our customers. This fully automated, non-disruptive and integrated thin reclamation solution can help optimize capacity utilization, save storage investment costs, and reduce management overhead."


Doug Matthews
Vice President, Product Management

"Symantec customers have very high requirements for key business processes that include high performing and reliable storage. Our support for heterogeneous storage environments allows the IBM System Storage DS8000 and XIV series to be quickly and seamlessly integrated into enterprise storage environments. Veritas Storage Foundation from Symantec in conjunction with IBM system storage promises that their critical data is always highly optimized and readily available for round-the-clock access."


Douglas Fallstrom, senior director of Product Management, Storage and Availability Management Group

Tata Consultancy Services

"In our consistent endeavor in helping our customers meet government regulations related to compliance, we recently conducted a performance benchmark with TCS BaNCS for Compliance on POWER7+ server at IBM Labs. The ensuing TCS BaNCS high-volume benchmark with Power Systems and DS8000 storage yielded impressive results. This optimized solution exceeded previous batch and online benchmarks, scaling up to 20,000 virtual users, making this a highly recommended infrastructure for our customers. TCS BaNCS is leveraging the new capabilities of the POWER8 technology, including its computing power with 50% more cores and twice the number of simultaneous threads per core."


Sudhir Goka
Product Head for TCS BaNCS Compliance


"When we tested our application on POWER8 using IBM Flash Storage, we were amazed by the performance increase. It’s the first time we have seen such a huge jump in technology: it’s disruptive! Our plan is to offer both a IBM i and a Linux on Power solutions so that we can extend our reach in the market place. Our initial performance testing with Linux on Power was easy and straight forward and shows great promise for price/performance over x86."


Thierry Roux


"TriZetto sees high value in flash-based database implementations for its larger, I/O intensive customers. Preliminary lab testing using TriZetto's core administration products in conjunction with IBM FlashSystem has shown promising results both in the application space as well as volume-oriented data maintenance operations such as routine environment refreshes, index and table maintenance, backups, and database creation - accelerating overall throughput and workflow while dramatically reducing data center footprint and operational requirements. IBM POWER8 systems together with IBM FlashSystem storage are an attractive infrastructure choice capable of conveying significant tangible benefits to TriZetto customers."


Pete Gill
Senior Technical Architect

"TriZetto chose IBM Storwize V7000 for its On-Demand Environment not only because of its technological capability: clustering, bundled services such as dynamic tiering, FlashCopy, thin-provisioning and no-charge host-level multipath software, but also for the client business needs of: ease of use, rapid deployment and flexibility, both for AIX (IBM Blade Center) and VMware."


Pete Gill
Senior Technical Architect

Virtual Bridges

"Virtual Bridges supplies the technology for the IBM Virtual Desktop with Verde and we understand the demands that a virtual desktop environment places on an underlying storage architecture.  Our customers are implementing The IBM Virtual Desktop and other cloud computing models to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and enable new strategic business directions. We applaud IBM’s recent storage systems announcements, like SmartCloud Storage Access. SmartCloud Storage Access in cooperation with our Storage Optimizer will help our clients realize even more cost effective, efficient, virtualized and automated cloud deployments."


James P. Curtin, President and CEO

Vision Solutions

"Vision Solutions has worked closely with IBM for more than 20 years to optimize our High Availability solutions to run on IBM Power Systems and support the full range of IBM storage systems to meet and exceed customer requirements for availability. As IT departments both for the midmarket and the enterprise turn increasingly to the Cloud, the enhancements in Power7+ further support Vision’s solutions that provide scalable system and application availability for all resources – physical, virtual or in the Cloud. Together Vision Solutions and IBM enable companies to minimize the costs and business consequences of downtime. We are excited to continue working closely with IBM as the company introduces greater capabilities for our midmarket and enterprise customers including new POWER7+ processors with improved performance and scalability."


Alan Arnold
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

VM Sistemi

"Our enterprise and midrange clients require the highest levels of service for their business-critical information, and we’re confident that IBM’s new XIV Storage System Gen3 model will more than meet their needs. XIV enables fast information delivery with built-in efficiencies, and the new model will dramatically boost performance with improved SSD caching while lowering TCO with new energy-efficient power supply units."


Bruno Camaggi
Vice President


"IBM Storage continues to be a valued ecosystem design partner for VMware with a proven integration track record. Our most recent collaboration has been in support of VMware's new Site Recovery Manager capabilities. IBM SAN Volume Controller offers Day 0 integrated support for this policy driven high availability solution featuring active-active stretched storage clusters with SRM 6.1. The joint solution will offer our customers new levels of efficiency and business continuity when planning, testing and implementing high availability scenarios."


Skip Bacon
Vice President, Products – Storage and Availability

"IBM is a key design partner for vSphere Virtual Volumes, one of VMware’s core technologies, Software-Defined Storage (SDS). Virtual Volumes brings the new operational model of SDS to external storage by virtualizing physical resources into logical pools and enabling dynamic control of native array data services to individual VMs through a policy-based management framework. When coupled with a tightly integrated IBM XIV storage system, the solution will drive new levels of efficiency, manageability and scalability for vSphere deployments. IBM has been there every step of the way during our development phase of Virtual Volumes. Customers will benefit from our strong collaboration as we jointly deliver more granularity at the virtual machine level."


Alberto Farronato
Director of Storage Product Marketing

"IBM FlashSystem with VMware Horizon View provides organizations with enterprise reliability and macro efficiency, creating a powerful offering for VDI deployments. IBM SAN Volume Controller technology with VMware VDI solutions can drive VDI storage to high levels of efficiency through advanced technologies like storage virtualization, Easy Tier and Real-time Compression."


Erik Frieberg
Vice President, End User Computing Product Marketing

"We are pleased to see IBM provide Real-time Compression enhancements on the Storwize Platform, enabling customers to achieve faster VMware vMotion migrations. The Storwize Platform with VMware solutions can provide organizations with the ability to realize greater performance, agility, and return on investment of their virtualized infrastructure."
"The IBM Storwize family easily integrates with several VMware solutions to drive efficiencies and faster time to value for virtualized infrastructures and cloud deployments. This includes integration with VMware vSphere 5.5 through the VASA and VAAI APIs, and VMware products such as SRM and vCenter Server."


John Gilmartin
Vice President, Cloud Infrastructure Products

Vormittag Associates, Inc (VAI)

"VAI’s customers have very high requirements for security, scalability and continuous access to their data and key business processes. We have optimized our S2K applications to run on IBM Power enterprise systems to meet and exceed those customer requirements. We are excited to continue working with IBM as the company introduces greater capabilities for our customers including new POWER7+ processors and improvements to IBM i, PowerHA, PowerSC, PowerVM and the rest of the Power Systems portfolio.
VAI is also excited about the new IBM Smarter Storage solution announcements that will enable fast information delivery, enhanced data security, with built-in efficiencies. Our enterprise customers rely on robust solutions to handle expanding business volumes with excellent performance and a high degree of security. IBM storage systems like the new DS8870 and enhanced XIV Gen3 more than fit the bill."



"As the banking industry in China continues to develop dramatically, the data volumes associated with the banking system and customer business keep on increasing and expanding. As a result, banks would like to rebuild their information systems to handle the demands of increasing business volume. IBM enterprise systems, including System z, Power and Storage, can provide a stable environment for hardware and the entire system, high data processing capacity, high data security, environmentally friendly operation and high maintainability. From these perspectives, IBM enterprise systems are the first choice for many banks in China."

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"Extreme desktop performance that scales to thousands of users without the deployment risks -- that's what your Citrix or VMware VDI deployment can get by leveraging Atlantis ILIO software with IBM FlashSystem."

- Seth Knox, VP of Products, Atlantis Computing

"Riverbed SteelFusion storage delivery combined with IBM Storwize family and IBM XIV storage systems can uniquely drive the consolidation of branch office resources to a centralized data center, improving efficiency for clients."

- John Martin, SVP and GM, Storage Delivery, Riverbed

"The Storwize Platform with VMware solutions can provide organizations with the ability to realize greater performance, agility, and return on investment of their virtualized infrastructure."

- John Gilmartin, VP Cloud Infrastructure Products, VMware

"IBM Storwize V7000 Unified is a robust, high performance storage system that can readily scale to support rapidly growing medical imaging data. The built-in efficiencies help boost productivity and control costs for our joint customers."

- Barry Gutwillig, Director Healthcare Channel Management, Perceptive Software

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