Storage for Banking

Industry solutions addressing customer centricity, compliance
and explosive data growth

The banking industry has undergone seismic changes. From dwindling customer satisfaction to more exacting government oversight, banks must adapt to a new reality. By focusing on customer personalization and centricity, compliance management, risk management, and big data analysis, banks can reinvent their businesses and take advantage of new marketplace opportunities.

Banks require:

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Transforming the Banking Industry with Smarter Storage

Intertrust Services gains fast, intelligent and secure storage with IBM XIV

Intertrust Services gains fast, intelligent and secure storage with IBM XIV

Group Credit Agricole of Morocco banks on IBM XIV

Rathbones capitalizes with flash

Accelerates processing 40 times and reduces power 87 percent

Benefits of IBM Storage for Banking

IBM Storage solutions for Banking

Backup and recovery

Manage more data with less infrastructure and simplify administration

Cloud storage solutions

Improve service levels, IT flexibility and business agility - while reducing storage costs

Data mobility

Speed data migration with services and tools

Storage virtualization

Improve flexibility, utilization, responsiveness, workload mobility and disaster recovery.

IBM Storage offerings for Banking

IBM DS8800

High-performance disk storage for demanding workloads

IBM Real-Time Compression Appliances

New storage efficiency solutions for primary, active data

IBM SAN Volume Controller

Simplified and centralized management of your storage infrastructure


Most advanced architecture, flexible clustered scale-out solution

IBM Storwize V7000 Unified

Consolidates block and file workloads into a single storage system


High-end disk storage designed for ease of use

IBM FlashSystem™ family

Accelerate critical applications and unleash the power of performance with highly durable flash based storage.

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