IBM Smarter Storage for Smarter Computing

Introducing a new approach to the design and deployment of storage

We live on a Smarter Planet where systems are highly instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. Data is coming from new places, in greater volumes and at faster rates. Companies able to harness data unlock patterns faster, serve customers better and outpace competitors.

IBM® Smarter Storage, a more efficient, automated and intelligent approach to storage, is Efficient by design, Self-optimizing, and Cloud agile.

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Efficient by design

With Smarter Storage, essential storage technologies are built in and tightly integrated. Efficiency is effortless – requiring no manual intervention. Management is intuitive.

Benefits: Reduce space requirements for active data by up to 80 percent. Save up to 47 percent of administrator time and reduce complexity by up to 30 percent.


Smarter Storage analyzes data access patterns, adapts and improves performance. Sophisticated internal analytics automatically place data on the appropriate storage tier.

Benefits: Increase performance up to three times with only 3 percent of data on SSDs

Cloud agile

Smarter Storage fully participates in highly virtualized cloud environments. IBM and non-IBM storage are managed as one virtual pool. All systems inherit IBM's advanced capabilities. Data is automatically synchronized. Files flow to users wherever they are.

Benefits: Reduce disk space needs by up to 50 percent. Speed storage deployment up to 26 percent. Improve application availability by up to 29 percent.

This new approach supports strategic IT initiatives

Whether your aim is to unlock insights, transform your organization, or distance yourself from competitors, you’ll be more successful when your storage helps your organization adapt to change.

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