Deduplication solutions

Enterprise-class data integrity, availability and performance through highly scalable in-line deduplication

Today’s data center is rife with duplicated data. The duplication ranges from the same operating systems running across hundreds of servers, to matching database fields, to test and development copies of data, to multiple copies of the same email attachments saved across multiple user’s home directories. IBM industry-leading inline deduplication solutions reduce or eliminate duplicate data to help organizations of all sizes protect all their data on disk-based storage more efficiently and manage the exponential growth of new data.

What we offer

Powerful IBM ProtecTIER® data deduplication solutions improve backup and disaster recovery operations while lowering operational costs and energy usage . ProtecTIER native replication technology enables the automated electronic replication of backup data between one or more data centers, remote offices and offsite storage locations for enhanced disaster recovery and business continuity. Eliminating the need to transport physical tape/cartridges lowers TCO by up to 96% and ensures that data can be recovered faster and more reliably, enabling systems to get back online quickly in the event of a disaster or major system outage.

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