Cloud storage

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Cloud implementations may stress your storage in unique ways, demanding more from your infrastructure. IBM Smarter Storage helps customers address these challenges by supporting agile and secure cloud storage implementations. When storage is cloud agile, it enables rapid deployment of cloud environments and adapts to constantly changing requirements. IBM cloud storage solutions also add enhanced security to your organization's data, so your employees and customers can access data anytime without sacrificing vulnerability.

Is your storage ready to take off?

IBM is reinventing cloud with storage designed for OpenStack

Hyper-efficient, automated, and optimized for cloud

Cloud agile storage systems

IBM Storwize family

Virtualized, efficient mid-range disk systems (SAN & NAS) in support for private, public and OpenStack cloud deployments.

IBM FlashSystem family

Enterprise flash for extreme performance and efficiency in cloud environments.

IBM SmartCloud Storage Access

Self-service storage provisioning, monitoring and reporting software for IBM XIV, Storwize family and SONAS.

IBM XIV storage system

Self-tuning, always optimized enterprise disk storage (SAN) in support for private, public and OpenStack clouds.

IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS)

Ultra scalable enterprise NAS storage to manage massive amounts of file across a global cloud.

IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center

Cloud agile storage virtualization and storage infrastructure management software.

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