IBM Transparent Data Migration Facility z/OS

Migrate data more effectively with continuous application availability


Migrating data can have potentially disastrous effects, including planned or unplanned downtime, loss of revenue, unavailability of crucial applications and erosion of end-user experience. To ensure a productive data migration, you need careful planning, with a migration solution that is less complex, yet compatible with multivendor storage environments. The solution should provide end-to-end, nondisruptive data mobility to help you avoid the risk of data loss as it ensures high data integrity and application availability during the migration.

IBM® Transparent Data Migration Facility (TDMF®) z/OS® is host-based software that can enable local or global data migration for storage attached to IBM z/OS mainframes across multivendor environments. This software enables continuous application availability, reduced risk of data loss, and high data integrity. It leverages expertise gained from executing more than 2,500 nondisruptive migrations in more than 800 organizations worldwide.

Helping enable continuous application availability

The TDMF z/OS offering has a dynamic swap capability that facilitates nondisruptive data migration by transparently directing input/output (I/O) from the source to the target storage. The entire migration process is automated, which helps prevent manual intervention that could affect the performance and availability of storage subsystems. Additionally, the switchback capability helps maintain application availability by enabling fallback to the original source configuration in the event of issues discovered with the new storage.

Facilitating compatibility with multivendor storage environments

TDMF z/OS can work in multivendor storage environments and support virtually any mainframe-compatible storage hardware, irrespective of manufacturer or microcode level. Its ability to work in heterogeneous environments helps you save time and money, and reduce the complexities associated with migration of large quantities of data for consistency groups, and it can provide more flexibility to change or add storage vendors when refreshing storage technology.

Tracking and validating the migration process to help prevent data loss

This data migration solution helps you avoid the risk of data corruption or loss and helps ensure the integrity and availability of your critical business applications during the migration process by tracking and validating the data transfer. Its nondisruptive data mobility process helps in migrating data more quickly and easily, while maintaining data integrity and enhanced performance of critical applications—as well as reducing migration requirements through the dynamic pacing feature of the software. Using this host-based software enables you to adopt new technologies more quickly and help ensure that your applications remain online and available.