z/OS storage management

Comprehensive on demand zSeries storage management tools

Get robust, comprehensive z/OS® storage management capabilities, tied into enterprise management –– a major key to providing a dynamic, successful on demand environment.

Today’s storage management needs go beyond traditional backup and recovery solutions. Now, the IBM Storage solution has been bolstered by the integration of IBM virtualization software and Tivoli® Storage Management software into the IBM Storage software family. The result is end–to–end storage hardware and software products that help you to optimize your heterogeneous environment – impacting the overall infrastructure as well as individual mission–critical applications.

Software Products

z/OS Storage Management Tools

The tools are a collection of products designed to complement and extend the storage management capabilities of DFSMS.

Storage Management

Protect and maximize the availability of your on demand computing data with Storage Management solutions from Tivoli® software. Find software that automates data backup and restore functions, supports a broad range of platforms and storage devices, and centralizes storage management operations. Or delivers an integrated data–protection solution for large enterprises, including large library support and disaster recovery functions. For mail, software that secures Lotus® Domino® and Microsoft® Exchange data, regardless of where or how it’s stored.

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