IBM XRC Performance Monitor

Providing the data to meet XRC desired service levels

Extended Remote Copy (XRC), also known as z/OS Global Mirror is IBM's premier disaster recovery option for zSeries storage systems.

The XRC Performance Monitor provides additional information to better manage an XRC environment and help XRC achieve the desired performance (typically measured as the latency in updating the mirrored system)at a low cost. The monitor provides information in realtime and also maintains historic records. From a very high level or from a detailed perspective, administrators can view the parameters that contribute to system performance.

Several parts of an IBM zSeries™ environment affect the performance of XRC. The XRC Performance Monitor gathers information from important sources. This functionality not only helps determine the optimum XRC configuration,but also helps quickly identify performance bottlenecks. The XRC Performance Monitor is also useful in spotting trends that may lead to future performance problems;thus it can also assist with capacity planning.

Product highlights

Optimize the telecommunication link

The bandwidth of the telecommunications link between the primary and secondary sites is one of the key manageable resources in an XRC system. Because of the cost of high-speed circuits, overbuying capacity can add expense without much benefit. Likewise, if the link is too slow, unacceptably long delays may be introduced when updating the mirrored system.

One of the key applications of the XRC Performance Monitor is to make sure the link is sized properly. Typically, traffic on the telecommunications link varies throughout the day. For example, batch updates to an online system at night often produce much higher traffic on the XRC link than daytime operations. Unattended charting enables administrators to see latency as it varies throughout the day so that they can size resources accordingly. Historical charts show trends, which can be useful for predicting future demands.

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