IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller

Improving storage infrastructure flexibility and data economics

Feature Benefits
Single point of control for storage resources
  • Designed to increase management efficiency
  • Designed to help support business application availability
Pools the storage capacity of multiple storage systems on a storage area network (SAN)
  • Helps you manage storage as a resource to meet business requirements and not just as a set of boxes
  • Helps administrators better deploy storage as required beyond traditional “SAN islands”
  • Can help increase utilization of storage assets
  • Insulates applications from physical changes to the storage infrastructure
Clustered pairs of IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) Data Engines
  • Highly reliable hardware foundation
  • Designed to avoid single points of hardware failure
IBM Real-time Compression
  • Increases effective capacity of storage systems up to five times, helping to lower costs, floor-space requirements, power and cooling
  • May be used with a wide range of data, including active primary data, for dramatic savings
  • Hardware compression acceleration helps transform the economics of data storage
Innovative and tightly integrated support for flash storage
  • Designed to deliver ultra-high performance capability for critical application data
  • Move data to and from flash storage without disruption; make copies of data onto hard disk drive (HDD)
Support for IBM FlashSystem
  • Enables high performance for critical applications with IBM MicroLatency, coupled with sophisticated functionality
Easy-to-use IBM Storwize family management interface
  • Single interface for storage configuration, management and service tasks regardless of storage vendor
  • Helps administrators use their existing storage assets more efficiently
IBM Storage Mobile Dashboard
  • Provides basic monitoring capabilities to securely check system health and performance
Dynamic data migration
  • Migrate data among devices without taking applications using that data offline
  • Manage and scale storage capacity without disrupting applications
Manage tiered storage
  • Helps balance performance needs against infrastructure costs in a tiered storage environment
Advanced network-based copy services
  • Copy data across multiple storage systems with IBM FlashCopy
  • Copy data across metropolitan and global distances as needed to create high-availability storage solutions
Integrated Bridgeworks SANrockIT technology for IP replication
  • Optimize use of network bandwidth
  • Reduce network costs or speed replication cycles, improving the accuracy of remote data
Enhanced stretch cluster configurations
  • Provide highly available, concurrent access to a single copy of data from data centers up to 300 km apart
  • Enable nondisruptive storage and virtual machine mobility between data centers
Thin provisioning and “snapshot” replication
  • Dramatically reduce physical storage requirements by using physical storage only when data changes
  • Improve storage administrator productivity through automated on-demand storage provisioning
IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager application-aware snapshots
  • Performs near-instant application-aware snapshot backups, with minimal performance impact for IBM DB2, Oracle, SAP, VMware, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange
  • Provides advanced, granular restoration of Microsoft Exchange data

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  • Increase effective storage capacity

    SVC now offers integrated Real-time Compression designed to be used with active primary data