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Clipper Group

Clipper group looked at the new SVC 5 and concluded: "With the availability of solid-state storage within Version 5 of its SAN Volume Controller, IBM once again delivers outstanding technological innovation to the data center. SVC 5 provides the IT staff with multiple tiers of storage, topped by the 800,000 read IOPS capability of an integrated SSD capability. This functionality does come with a higher cost, but it also delivers significantly higher value as demonstrated by the increased performance from industry standard benchmarks, making its ROI very attractive to the enterprise."

Enterprise Strategy Group

ESG Enterprise Storage Group Virtualization is at the center of all 21st Century IT systems, yet many CIOs fail to fully understand all of the benefits it can deliver to the data center operation. When we think of virtualization, we think compute, network, and storage—and we mostly think about driving up utilization on each. Storage controllers have always offered the ability to carve out pieces of real storage from a large pool and deliver them efficiently to a number of hosts, but it is storage virtualization itself that offers improvements that drive operational efficiency. IBM has been quietly addressing storage virtualization with SAN Volume Controller (SVC) for the last six years, building up a significant technical lead in this space.

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Lab did hands-on analysis of the IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) storage virtualization solution in order to validate its value proposition to customers. The goal of ESG Lab testing of the IBM SVC was to validate the fundamentals of network based storage virtualization including ease of use and non-disruptive virtualization, data mobility and copy services. ESG Lab found that the IBM SVC is a rock-solid, feature-rich platform that delivers on the promise of network based storage virtualization: SVC reduces the complexity and cost of managing SAN attached storage.

Research by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) has found that end users that have embraced storage virtualization see clear value in integrating it with server virtualization. The goal of virtualization is to provide logical view and control of physical infrastructure in order to enable greater optimization, utilization and simplification of management. Having only one side of your data center virtualized (for example, servers) is useful, but does not create efficiencies throughout. The combination of both server and storage virtualization is being embraced by early adopters since they see the value of a highly virtualized data center for both compute and storage.

Forrester Consulting

IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying the IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC). SAN Volume Controller allows organizations to virtualize their storage infrastructure resulting in flexibility within the storage environment. This study illustrates the financial impact of virtualizing the storage environment through the use of SAN Volume Controller. The risk adjusted ROI described in the study is 53% with a breakeven point (payback period) of 1.4 years after deployment.

In conducting in-depth interviews with four existing customers, Forrester found that these companies achieved higher storage capacity utilization and improved administration efficiencies, as well as higher overall system availability.

Mesabi Group

SMB IT groups have to balance increased demand for service in the face of application–workload and storage growth with the need to keep budgets within check. Using both server and storage virtualization with a server–storage combination can give the best of both worlds –– better service and lower operational costs. Also, tying the server–storage purchase decision together can yield the one–stop shopping benefits of simplicity, savings, and service. IBM provides an example of how this can work through a broad portfolio of SMB–focused servers (System x and BladeCenter) and storage products.

Taneja Group

TANEJA GROUP. TECHNOLOGY ANALYSTS This Taneja Group white paper briefly defines storage virtualization, the various methods of delivering it and the key benefits it brings to the data center. Then the focus shifts to IBM SAN Volume Controller, its architecture, its product features and why SVC has succeeded while others have failed or are struggling. Finally the paper describes where Taneja Group sees SVC going in the future.

This Taneja Group paper presents the results of a study of IBM SVC customers, which was conducted to understand the real-world benefits that they are experiencing from using SVC. The paper briefly introduces IBM SVC, details the types of end users surveyed, characterizes their environments, and then analyzes five tangible benefits of storage virtualization that emerged from the interviews.

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