IBM Tivoli Advanced Backup and Recovery

Organizations have a mandate to backup critical data and to demonstrate successful backup and data recovery processes for audit purposes. In addition, they need a backup management process that can address these issues automatically so that valuable IT staff can concentrate their talents on core business objectives.

IBM Tivoli Advanced Backup and Recovery for z/OS is an all-in-one solution for backup and recovery of application data on z/OS. It identifies critical application data, delivers reliable and accurate data backup, facilitates fast recovery of critical data, identifies critical data that has not been backed up, monitors backups, and features compliance and diagnostic reporting capabilities.



IBM Tivoli Advanced Backup and Recovery for z/OS Version 2.2 was announced on March 16, 2010. The announcement is available at: 210-076 (PDF, 152KB)

Infrastructure and Application Benefits:

Streamlines the backup process

The ABARS Manager component of Tivoli Advanced Backup and Recovery for z/OS helps streamline the process of backing up data from disk, tape and DFSMShsm migration by employing a single interface for data movement as well as automated features that provide a backup and recovery scheme for crucial application data. The ABARS Manager includes powerful extensions to the ABARS DFSMShsm function. For instance, it enables users to coordinate application backups for local and off-site recovery and to recover applications in order of importance at the recovery site. ABARS Manager performs full application backups from tape, disk, and DFSMShsm-migrated data sets that organizations must be able to recover. Because it eliminates backups of data that has not changed, backup windows are significantly minimized, resulting in cost savings. In accordance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, ABARS Manager automates backups of data that has changed. It also reduces or eliminates the need for full-volume dumps, DFSMShsm automatic back-ups, and backups performed during batch processing.

Tracks backups to meet audit requirements

The Critical Backup Tracking/Inventory component of Tivoli Advanced Backup and Recovery for z/OS tracks and inventories backups performed in a z/OS environment without requiring JCL changes. These backups include ABARS Manager and IBM Tivoli Advanced Catalog Management for z/OS backups.

Leverages Tivoli Enterprise Portal for integration of real-time and historical data

Tivoli Advanced Backup and Recovery for z/OS is seamlessly integrated with Tivoli Monitoring infrastructure components, providing Tivoli Enterprise Portal with important business performance metrics. This integration augments understanding and coordination of new work spaces and other systems monitored by Tivoli Monitoring. A single graphical user interface for many Tivoli monitoring and management products is provided through Tivoli Enterprise Portal.

Deploys a unified solution for IBM System zStorage management

The Tivoli Advanced Backup and Recovery for z/OS offering is part of the IBM System zStorage management portfolio and the IBM Tivoli Service Management Center for System z. The Tivoli Service Management Center is an IBM Service Management methodology and product suite that helps increase availability of business / critical IT services.

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