IBM software defined storage

Storage agility and efficiency for today’s applications

New era cloud environments and applications such as analytics, mobile and social are driving huge growth in data volumes, making data the new natural resource. But cost-effectively optimizing your current storage environments while at the same time exploiting new opportunities is straining storage budgets. The solution - IBM software defined storage.

Software defined, business aligned

The new IBM software defined storage offerings unlock the potential of data and increase your business agility and efficiency in ways that weren’t possible until now. IBM software defined storage enhances the speed and efficiency of your storage and simplifies migration to new workloads by:

Global storage fabric

New code-named Elastic Storage provides global file-based storage for large scale, high-performance cluster applications and analytics, such as scale-out databases, and Hadoop-based analytics


Software Defined Storage for Dummies

Storage virtualization

IBM SAN Volume Controller streamlines multiple brands of storage systems, with simplified administration and integrated data management capabilities.

Data and storage management

IBM Virtual Storage Center transforms traditional storage for high performance transactional applications and data warehouse based analytics

Data protection platform

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager family enables reliable, efficient data protection and resiliency for software defined, virtual, physical and cloud environments

Policy-based archive

Linear Tape File Systems (LTFS) securely preserves assets in a scalable, low cost environment supporting an open, cross-platform interchange.