Cisco MDS 9222i for IBM System Storage

High performance, flexible, scalable midrange and enterprise multiservice switch

Product characteristics
Product number 2054-E01
Base machine Cisco MDS 9222i for IBM System Storage includes eighteen 4 Gbps Fibre Channel ports, two 4 Gbps shortwave SFPs, 4 GbE IP ports (no optics), dual AC power supplies and SAN Extension over IP Package for integrated IP ports in the base switch. The Cisco MDS 9222i includes one slot for an optional Fibre Channel; IP, Multiservice 18/4 with Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) for SAN (formerly Cisco Fabric Manager), VSAN and PortChannel capabilities
Fibre Channel interface E_Port, F_Port, FL_Port
Transceivers Note: Some SFPs are available in a four-pack
Hot-swap components Power supplies, cooling fans, transceivers
Rack support 19-inch, 3RU industry-standard rack
Management software Cisco CLI, Cisco DCNM for SAN, IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center supported
Servers supported* IBM System x servers and selected IBM Netfinity® servers
Other Intel processor-based servers
Power Systems, System p and selected RS/6000® and System i servers
System z
Selected Sun and HP servers
Operating systems supported* Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2008
Red Hat Linux, Red Hat Linux Advanced
Server SUSE Linux, SUSE Linux
Enterprise Server (SLES) United Linux
Novell NetWare
Storage products supported*
Fibre optic cable Fibre optic cables are required and are available in various lengths in single mode and multimode formats
Warranty 1-year limited warranty; on-site service, same day 24×7 (4 hour)
Power cords You must specify the type of power cord when ordering the product from IBM. Specify the required country-specific feature number in the initial order or choose the Cabinet Jumper Power Cord.
Optional features
Physical characteristics
Height 13.3 cm /5.25 in. (3RU)
Width 4.40 cm/17.3 in.
Depth 5.76 cm/22.7 in.
Weight 28.2 kg/62.0 lb (with optional switching module)
Temperature 0° C to 40° C/32° F to 104° F
Electrical requirements
Power supplies 845 W ac
Input 100-240 V ac
50 - 60 Hz nominal

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