IBM System Storage SAN80B-4

High-performance, scalable and ease-of-use for medium-size and enterprise SAN environments


The IBM System Storage® SAN80B-4 SAN fabric switch provides 48, 64 or 80 active ports and is designed for high performance with 8 Gbps link speeds and backward compatibility to support links running at 4, 2 and 1 Gbps link speeds. High availability features make it suitable for use as a core switch in mid-range environments or as an edge-switch in enterprise environments where a wide range of SAN infrastructure simplification and business continuity configurations are possible. IBM Power Systems, System x, System z and many non-IBM disk and tape devices are supported in many common operating system (OS) environments. Optional features provide specialized distance extension, dynamic routing between separate or heterogeneous fabrics, link trunking, IBM FICON®, Server Application Optimization (SAO), performance monitoring and advanced security capabilities.

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