IBM System Storage SAN768B and SAN384B

Designed for highest performance and scalability for the most demanding enterprise SAN environments

Feature Benefits
Hot-swappable and redundant control processors, core routing, modules, power supplies and fans
Nondisruptive control processor failover and concurrent firmware activation
Multiprotocol support for FC, FICON®, FCoE, FCIP, CEE, IPFC
Advanced Inter-Chassis Links—Connects multiple chassis through high-performance, load-balanced links
SAN768B: Scalable from 16 to 512 ports in a single domain; up to 1536 ports in three domains with Inter-Chassis Links
SAN384B: Scalable from 16 to 256 ports in a single domain; up to 768 ports in three domains with Inter-Chassis Links
Inter-Switch Link Trunking—Combine as many as eight links into a single 64 Gbps logical Inter-Switch Link (ISL)
Adaptive Networking—Uses QoS, Ingress Rate Limiting and Traffic Isolation to manage performance
Advanced Performance Monitoring—Provides end-to-end visibility into fabric performance
Fabric Watch—Monitors and creates alerts based on the health of switch and fabric elements
FICON with CUP Activation—Enables in-band management of the SAN768B and SAN384B by System Automation for z/OS®
Server Application Optimization- isolates and prioritizes individual Virtual Machine data flow for end-to-end QoS, preserving individual SLAs from each VM through the SAN
Virtual Fabrics—Partitions a physical switch into independently managed logical switches

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