IBM System Storage SAN768B-2 and SAN384B-2

Product numbers SAN768B-2 (2499-816)
SAN384B-2 (2499-416)
Hot-swap components Control processors, core routing modules, power supplies, fan modules, all Fibre Channel port blades, extension blades, encryption blades, small form-factor pluggables (SFPs) and quad small form-factor pluggables (QSFPs)
Warranty One year; 24×7 same-day maintenance service options are available
Optional features Blades: 32- and 48-port 16 Gbps Fibre Channel switch blades (3632, 3648); 32- and 48-port 8 Gbps Fibre Channel switch blades (3633, 3649); 64-port 8 Gbps Fibre Channel switch blade (3864); 22-port 8 Gbps and 2-port 10 Gbps enhanced extension blade (3891); 8 Gbps encryption blade (3895)
Licenses: Inter-chassis, FICON with control unit port (CUP) activation, advanced extension activation, extension blade 10 GbE activation, FICON Accelerator activation, encryption 96 Gbps disk performance upgrade activation, Integrated Routing and Enterprise ICL
Other: SFPs, fiber optic cables, upgraded power supplies

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