IBM System Storage SAN768B-2 and SAN384B-2


IBM System Storage® SAN768B-2 and IBM System Storage SAN384B-2 fabric backbones are among the industry's most powerful Fibre Channel switching infrastructure offerings. They provide reliable, scalable, high-performance foundations for mission-critical storage. These fabric backbones also offer enterprise connectivity options to add support for IBM FICON® connectivity, delivering a high-performing and reliable FICON infrastructure with fast and scalable IBM System z® servers.

The IBM System Storage SAN b-type family switch—designed to support Fibre Channel connectivity for servers and storage—introduces the next generation of fabric backbones with Gen 5 Fibre Channel and Fabric Vision technology, offering long-term solutions for mission-critical applications that require secure, high-performance, low-latency storage networks. These fabric backbones enable organizations to continue leveraging their existing IT investments as they grow their businesses and solve their most difficult business challenges, while unleashing the full potential of high-density server virtualization, cloud architectures and next-generation storage.


Effective August 30, 2014, IBM® will withdraw from marketing select System Storage® features.
Please refer to IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement 914-138 for more details.

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