Do you need to rethink how you protect data?

Although business data is growing at 20% to 40% per year on average, the data protection and retention environment is growing even faster. Left unchecked, revenue generating applications would get a smaller percentage of your storage budget over time. A focus on data protection and retention can help keep storage budgets balanced between revenue generating applications and their support infrastructures.

Simply following existing processes in the face of huge data growth eventually will tip your expenditures toward data protection and retention. But flexible and efficient approaches to data protection and retention can increase the resources available to support other storage initiatives and revenue-generating applications. A new approach can enable organizations to move budget resources from areas where they are forced to spend today, to areas where they would prefer to spend in the future.

Find out if you need to rethink how you protect and retain data. The self-assessment tool will help you understand best practices for three principal functions that can be enhanced to improve data protection and retention efficiency and effectiveness:

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