IBM Mainframe Storage for IBM z Systems

Comprehensive range of solutions support the full lifecycle of your most demanding workloads

IBM offers a comprehensive range of mainframe storage solutions that address the full data lifecycle of the most demanding IBM z Systems® workloads.

The always-on, business-critical nature of z Systems environments demands unmatched security, uptime, operational efficiency, speed, and lower costs per transaction.

IBM mainframe storage solutions support all of these requirements for cloud, mobile, analytics and cognitive workloads. And, they enable you to archive data to take advantage of the most cost-effective storage.


Unparalleled synergy for systems of insight and cloud

Featured enterprise mainframe storage solutions for z Systems environments

IBM DS8880F family

More storage solutions for z Systems environments

IBM TS7760

The TS7760 virtual tape solution is designed to ensure high availability and rapid disaster recovery for z Systems environments. The TS7760 fully integrated tiered storage hierarchy takes advantage of both disk and tape technologies to deliver performance for active data and best economics for inactive and archive data.

IBM TS4500

Forward-thinking organizations exploit next generation technologies to build greater business value, reduce cost and create competitive advantage.

Networking and SAN

IBM Storage Networking facilitates the IT infrastructure that helps usher in the Cognitive Era. The new generations of Fibre Channel products accelerate data access, adapt to evolving requirements and drive business operations for hyper-scale virtualization, larger cloud infrastructures and growing flash-based storage environments.