Object storage

Objects are the new era in big data storage

Enabling the data-driven business

With object storage, data is accessed using a unique identifier and a flat data structure that enables massively scalable storage. With software-defined storage, vast content repositories can be built and accessed via HTTP or an API for quick retrieval. Object storage is perfect for many scale-out use cases including:

IBM offers a choice in object storage with Cleversafe and IBM Spectrum Scale.

Market leadership in web-scale storage

IDC positions Cleversafe, an IBM company, as the object storage market leader. Using distributed data and advanced erasure code algorithms, the Cleversafe platform eliminates the challenges of storage at petabyte scale and beyond with advanced encryption capabilities.

Cleversafe delivers the scalability, security, availability, efficiency and data economics that makes object storage a clear choice for petabyte scale data. A software-defined storage solution, Cleversafe has demonstrated 80 percent lower TCO and 50 percent less space compared to traditional RAID based storage with the ease of management to support 100+ petabyte installations.

For more information, visit http://www.cleversafe.com.

Unified file and object storage

IBM Spectrum Scale is an enterprise-class solution provides high-performance, native access to objects and files simultaneously. With full object support and integrated tiering, this solution enables you to add low cost, easy-to-use, scale-out object storage without additional storage silos and unnecessary data translation from file to object.

Spectrum Scale provides full native (with metadata) object storage support for OpenStack Swift and Amazon Simple Storage Service [S3]. No gateways are required.

This solution consolidates File and Object under a single shared storage infrastructure, making it an ideal platform to perform common storage management tasks, such as automated storage tiering and user transparent data migration. By creating a flat namespace and eliminating the need to organize data in a hierarchical namespace, Spectrum Scale further simplifies data management.

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Learn more about object storage, which can scale to hundreds of petabytes and trillions of objects. This solution for rapid data growth can:

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