IBM System Storage N series SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure Software

An automated solution for data protection and recovery of virtual infrastructures


The challenge

Server virtualization introduces new challenges when it comes to data protection for virtual machines and business continuity. The demand placed on highly utilized servers by traditional backups and disaster recovery in a virtual infrastructure can exceed the amount of available server resources. Additionally, the mobility of virtual machines requires a new level of operational agility to manage a storage environment in which virtual machines can migrate from one physical server to a different one based on workload balancing or failover requirements.

Virtual infrastructure administrators and storage administrators often use backups within each virtual machine combined with scripts that are expensive to develop and maintain. This approach can require more computing and I/O bandwidth than is available on a given server. An alternative is to use a dedicated proxy server to back up multiple VMware ESX servers, but this method can lead to adding more proxy servers as workload demands increase.

The Solution: IBM System Storage N series SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure

SnapManager® for Virtual Infrastructure is a comprehensive data management solution intended to streamline storage management in a VMware® ESX environment. It can also help simplify backup, restore and disaster recovery operations for virtual machines.

Deployed in combination with IBM N series storage systems, SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure software helps to empower virtual infrastructure administrators to address virtual infrastructure challenges through policies set by storage administrators. These policies are designed to deliver a unique combination of availability, scalability, performance and reliability for the VMware ESX environment when performing hot backups, rapid restores and disaster recovery solutions.

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