IBM System Storage N series with SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server

Fast backup and recovery and high availability for Microsoft SQL Server databases


The challenge: Provide for the high availability of Microsoft SQL Server databases while reducing management complexity

Microsoft® SQL Server is used as the database of choice for several enterprise applications today. Typically, these applications are deployed on top of an SQL Server to serve different departments within an enterprise, which can result in a complex, fragmented SQL Server deployment.

The complexity of an enterprise SQL Server environment may increase further with the rise in the number of Microsoft Windows® servers storing SQL Server databases on direct-attached storage subsystems. Managing numerous servers requires many resources across the various departments within an enterprise. It also involves the time-consuming task of backing up the databases stored on each individual device and, if necessary, restoring not only the most recent full backup but also multiple incremental backups. Incrementally scaling storage to address growing demand is time-intensive and may require SQL Server downtime. This downtime reduces the availability of SQL Server–based applications and degrades both user productivity and customer experience.

The solution: IBM System Storage N series with SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server

IBM System Storage™ with SnapManager® software is designed to help you achieve significant savings from a time and resource perspective by streamlining database storage while simplifying configuration, backup, and restore operations for SQL Server databases. SnapManager supports rapid SQL Server backup times, from hours to as little as seconds, and is designed to make each backup a complete and consistent copy of the original.

Backups are based on Snapshot™ copies, which are designed to require minimal disk space for each additional full backup. This capability can help you achieve availability, scalability, and reliability for SQL Server environments.

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