IBM System Storage N series SnapManager for SAP Software

Simple administration, high availability, fast access to SAP data via iSCSI and low TCO


The foundation of many of today’s leading companies rest on SAP. IBM System Storage™ N series SnapManager® for SAP integrates closely with SAP BRTools to help automate and streamline SAP data management and provide fast, space-efficient, disk-based backup, rapid restore and recovery, and flexible cloning.

The Challenge—Optimizing SAP availability and data protection

Today’s enterprise is application and data driven. Business-critical applications like SAP rely on data to be available around the clock. Any disruptions have an immediate and visible impact on the core business. With the amount of SAP data growing rapidly and demand on those databases rising, ensuring availability and protecting valuable SAP data assets is becoming increasingly difficult. To succeed, administrators need tools that help them achieve maximum efficiency. Backups must occur regularly and with minimal impact; restores must be lightning quick; data cloning for testing and development must be non-disruptive; and full SAP database recovery, should it be necessary, must occur in minutes, not hours or days.

The solution

N series SnapManager for SAP software’s integration and certification with SAP BRTools makes the full benefits of innovative N series technologies available for SAP data management. SnapManager is designed to automate complex and time-consuming tasks such as backup, recovery and cloning—helping free IT personnel to focus more effort on value-added tasks. Administrators no longer have to worry about the underlying SAP data layout when performing routine data management tasks, because SnapManager for SAP is designed to understand and address the underlying complexity.

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