IBM System Storage N series with SnapManager for Oracle

High availability with fast backup and recovery for Oracle data


The challenge: Optimizing availability and data protection

Today’s enterprise is data driven. Business-critical Oracle databases must be operational around the clock to facilitate decision making and business processes. However, it is increasingly difficult to provide high availability and protect valuable data assets when data continues to grow rapidly and demands on databases continue to rise.

To succeed, storage administrators need tools that help them optimize efficiency. Backups must occur regularly and with minimal impact; restores need to happen rapidly, database cloning for testing and development should be non-disruptive; and full database recovery, if necessary, needs to be done in minutes, not hours or days.

The solution: IBM System Storage N series with SnapManager for Oracle

IBM System Storage™ N series with SnapManager® for Oracle is a comprehensive data management solution designed to help you streamline storage management while simplifying configuration, backup, and restore operations for Oracle databases. Deployed in combination with N series storage systems, SnapManager supports tight integration with Oracle Database to automate critical tasks such as backup, restore, database recovery, and cloning. SnapManager management of the underlying data layout simplifies routine data management tasks—allowing administrators to focus more effort on value-added tasks. Environments using real application clusters (RAC) and automatic storage management (ASM) are fully supported.

Common features

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