IBM System Storage N series SnapManager for Hyper-V

Automated and cost effective solution for data management, protection and recovery for Microsoft Hyper-V environments


Protecting growing data stores—and managing costs

Data backup and recovery management—making sure data is well protected—have become a challenge to organizations with virtualized infrastructures. The reasons you turn to virtualization also contribute to backup and recovery challenges. First, virtualization can slow down server sprawl; and second, virtualization can maximize asset utilization. By consolidating multiple physical servers in a virtualized pool, server utilization can be improved, but as a result, backup and recovery challenges may arise.

The demand placed on virtualized servers and the consolidated networked storage that supports them is such that backups which used to be distributed are now consolidated. So the backup windows are shrinking. You cannot afford to miss backups, but you cannot afford to reduce application performance, and “spare” processor cycles are no longer available for backup. Additionally, the mobility of virtual machines requires a new level of operational agility to manage a storage environment in which virtual machines can migrate from one physical server to a different one based on workload balancing or failover requirements. All of this means that a new approach to data backup and recovery management is required for virtualized environments.

IBM System Storage N series SnapManager for Hyper-V

SnapManager for Microsoft® Hyper-V is an extensive data management technology designed to simplify storage management, backup, restore and disaster recovery processes in a Microsoft Hyper-V environment.

By leveraging cost-effective and flexible N series storage management and protection solutions, SnapManager for Hyper-V can help you to maximize your investment in a Microsoft virtualized environment. Available features such as deduplication, thin-provisioning, cloning, multi-protocol, or RAID-DP have a compounding effect on the level of efficiency and flexibility achieved in a Microsoft virtualized environment.

Along with IBM N series storage systems, SnapManager for Hyper-V software can help you deal with virtualization challenges through specific management policies. These policies enable you to obtain an outstanding mixture of availability, scalability, performance and reliability for the Microsoft Hyper-V environment when performing backups, rapid restores and disaster recovery tasks.

Common features