IBM System Storage N series with Single Mailbox Recovery with SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange

Rapidly recover single items from Microsoft Exchange backups virtualization capabilities


The challenge: Quickly recover single items from Exchange information stores

One of the most time-intensive tasks for Microsoft Exchange administrators involves recovering single mailboxes or single messages from Exchange backups. To be prepared to recover single mail items from Exchange Information Stores quickly, administrators must perform complex, time-consuming backups that involve backing up each mailbox separately (referred to as brick-level backups). Purchasing and deploying the additional resources these backups require — software, tape media, extra disk storage, offsite storage, and servers-entails significant additional cost.

The alternative is a painful process of setting up a recovery server, loading the last full backup from tape, and then recovering a single mailbox. Having a standby recovery server saves some time, but adds cost and administrative overhead. To improve service to internal clients and meet service level agreements (SLAs), administrators need a simpler, faster, more accurate method of restoring individual Exchange items.

The solution: Single Mailbox Recovery with SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange

The powerful combination of IBM System Storage™ N series, SnapManager® for Exchange, and Single Mailbox Recovery functionality supports the fast, accurate, cost-effective backup and recovery of Microsoft Exchange data. N series software is designed to take near-instantaneous online backups of Exchange databases, verify that the backups are consistent, and rapidly recover Exchange at almost any level of granularity: storage group, database, folder, single mailbox, or single message. The potential result: improved service to internal clients, reduced infrastructure expenses, and significant time savings for Exchange administrators.

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