IBM System Storage N series Provisioning Manager software

Provide consistent, repeatable storage provisioning


Many administrators tasked with provisioning storage resources face a complex process with a myriad of choices and many opportunities for error. IBM System Storage™ N series Provisioning Manager software is designed to be an easy-to-use application providing administrators with the capability to apply consistent provisioning across enterprise-wide data sets.

The challenge: Storage provisioning remains a complex and highly involved task

Provisioning storage resources can be a complex process rife with error. Existing tools often lack adherence to best practices or automation capabilities intended to reduce the opportunity for user error, and can result in storage resources which are not appropriately matched or configured to the type of data being stored. This means storage provisioning can often result in poor asset utilization or potential data loss.

The solution: IBM N series Provisioning Manager software

IBM System Storage N series Provisioning Manager software provides operational efficiency by streamlining the provisioning process across enterprise-wide data sets. IT administrators can enter set provisioning policies, automate complex provisioning processes, check policy conformance and pool storage resources for higher utilization. Provisioning Manager also allows server administrators the ability to provision storage within the confines set by the storage administrator.

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