IBM System Storage N series Protection Manager Software

Intuitive, elegant interface for visibility into, and control of, data protection processes


The challenge

Data protection remains a complex and highly involved task, and administrators responsible for the protection of the enterprise’s critical data assets have a huge responsibility, but lack the tools they need to effectively perform the job. Existing data protection processes are complex and mostly manual, and therefore subject to errors.

Today’s tools fail to deliver a comprehensive and easy-to-understand view of disk-based data protection environments. What’s more, it’s extremely difficult to provision and utilize storage resources efficiently.

The solution—IBM N series Protection Manager software

Protection Manager™ is designed as an intuitive backup and replication management software for IBM N series unified storage disk-based data protection environments. The application is designed to support data protection and help increase productivity with automated setup and policy-based management.

Protection Manager is designed to provide data center professionals with an innovative software solution to manage the enterprise’s disk-based data protection environment. The application is designed to allow administrators to apply consistent data protection policies across the enterprise, automate complex data protection processes, and pool backup and replication resources to help improve utilization.

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