IBM System Storage N series Open System SnapVault (OSSV) Software

Centralized automated management of WAN-efficient backup provides speed, simplicity, and reliability


Protecting data in remote offices is a challenge for many businesses. The remote office is usually the antithesis of headquarters IT. However, when it comes to data integrity, protection and recovery, remote offices must be held to the same high standards as headquarters. That’s why it’s so important to do it right.

IT organizations may use a backup server, tape drives, tapes and backup software to help protect remote office locations, but until the tapes are transported to a “safe” location, the company’s data is vulnerable to unrecoverable data loss. Another remote office data protection practice is to consume large amounts of WAN bandwidth performing full data volume backups, which can degrade the network’s accessibility and pushes the challenge out to another facility. Are these the best two options and use of human and technology resources?

The IBM System Storage N series Solution

IBM N series Open System SnapVault Software enables Windows®, UNIX® and Linux® servers to leverage the N series Snapshot processes (for example, block-level incremental backups) to reduce the amount of backup data flowing over the WAN while maintaining data integrity and recoverability.

N series with NearStore protects the remote office data using SnapVault software to capture and store the backup data, keeping it ready for near-instantaneous retrieval and recovery. Much of these operations are automated and do not require IT staff intervention. All of the operations can be monitored from a single console. This streamlined management and centralized control can help reduce your time and cost.

IBM N series systems with NearStore and SnapVault software stores full backups but does not duplicate data which hasn’t changed since the last backup operation, which reduces storage requirements and valuable WAN bandwidth.

Using an IBM N series system with economical SATA disk drives helps to keep data availability, speed and reliability up while holding storage costs down. This enables companies to keep much more data online at a cost-effective price.

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